KYLIE Kids Supreme Mac

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Kylie Kids Supreme Mac (Waterproof backing with tuck ins) washable bed protector is known for quality and durability. Suitable for all levels of incontinence the Kylie Kids Supreme Mac (w/tuck ins Waterproof backing) is easy to maintain, soft, latex free and dermatologically tested. The non pilling upper layer is smooth and increases the longevity of the bed protector. Kylie Kids Supreme Macis a bed wetting mattress protector which has advanced technology with a 5 layer system that ensures the user stays dry and comfortable. Child friendly with a fun dinosaur design and suitable for kids and children with incontinence and who experience bed wetting.

  • 5 Layers - Advanced technology with a 5 layer system that ensures the user stays dry and comfortable
  • Non-Pilling - Smooth layer which increased the longevity of the pad
  • Non-Slip - To keep protector secure whilst sleeping
  • Waterproof - High absorbent capacity to keep you dry for longer
  • Anti-Mould And Anti-Fungus - Long lasting protection
  • Latex Free - Reduce skin irritations
  • Child Friendly - Fun dinosaur design

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1m x 1m

ISO Absorbency


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