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Daring to Make a Difference through our Trusted Brands & Personal Hygiene Solutions!

Ontex is a leading international personal hygiene group that engineers and creates high quality products for customers of all ages.

Our quality, high-performance, best-value personal hygiene products are distributed in more than 110 countries and are manufactured across 19 different production sites that have implemented sustainable practices to minimise our carbon footprint. Our iD, Lille and Kylie brands have got you covered for all your continence care needs!

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Our Brands Have Got You Covered 

Dare to check out our trusted and affordable brands today!   

Our disposable incontinence brands iD and Lille, as well as our washable brand Kylie, provides solutions for all types and levels of incontinence. You can find out more about our brands by exploring our incontinence ranges below.

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Because I Choose iD for Confidence! Click here to try your FREE iD sample today!

iD Samples
Enjoy Life to the Full! Learn more about Lille incontinence solutions. Click here to access Lille samples today.
Lille Samples
You Can Count on Kylie! Want to learn more about the Kylie brand range? Click here to visit the Kylie consumer website.
More about Kylie

Professional Resources

If you're a healthcare professional you can access a wide range of exclusive resources and order up to 40 free samples. Register today so we can help you make a difference in delivering trusted & affordable continence care!
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