Healthcare Professional

    • Ontex considers education as the most important ongoing steps to ensure evidence based practice in continence management for healthcare workers.

      What is TCI?
      The Continence Institute (TCI) is Ontex Australia’s endorsed provider of education and training programs directed at health professionals managing incontinence issues. Our education and training programs have been endorsed by the Australia College of Nursing (CAN) according to approved criteria.

      TCI Education
      We offer a comprehensive and diverse range of education and training programs designed to enhance healthcare staff in understanding of the effects and management of bowel and bladder incontinence and to promote continence.  TCI modules are regularly reviewed by our specialist team to ensure all information reflects current evidence-based best practice. Education is provided to our existing customers either by face-to-face, webinars or e-learning.

      TCI Benefits
      Studying through TCI increases clinical knowledge, provides access to the latest innovations in continence management, and supplies better continence management solutions for patients, residents, clients and staff/carers.

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