iD Expert Protect Plus Bed Pad

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iD Expert Protect Plus disposable bed protector is suitable for all levels of incontinence. Designed to provide a high level of protection, softness and will give security in case of bed wetting. The bed wetting mattress protector is latex free and dermatologically tested while the diamond structure distributes the liquid for optimal absorption.

  • Convenient pack size of 30
  • Disposable protection for ease of use
  • Soft and comfortable and in a range of sizes and absorption levels to suite all your needs
  • Latex Free
  • Dermatologically tested

Our iD Expert Protect Plus Bed Pad comes with the following ISO Absorbency:

  • iD Expert Protect Plus (40x60) 525ml
  • iD Expert Protect Plus (60x60) 760ml
  • iD Expert Protect Plus (60x90) 1125ml

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40x60, 60x60, 60x90

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