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Our Trusted & Affordable Range of iD Comfy Junior Incontinence Products Have Got You Covered!

Each child is different, and it can take various stages for a child to have complete control over their bladder and bowel. Many factors can lead to children not developing the ability to control their bladder or bowel and continue to experience incontinence symptoms throughout their childhood years.

The iD Comfy Junior kids range has been designed to feel like real underwear, making them the perfect solution. Your child will feel protected with double anti-leak barriers and a high fast absorbent core.

Ontex healthcare has a range of kids continence aids that are reliable, comfortable and suitable for children to wear both day and night; iD Comfy Junior Slip, Comfy Junior Pants (age 4-7 years), and Comfy Junior Pants (age 8-15 years). Request a Free Sample from our Kids range today.

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