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Our Trusted & Affordable Range of Incontinence Pants Have Got You Covered!

Pull up pants for adults are suitable for both men and women and are designed to be worn like underwear. Women may find the pull-up pants more secure when compared to a standard pad. iD and Lille have adult pull up pants available in various absorbency levels: Normal, Plus, Super, Extra, Maxi. Pull-up pants also come in a range of waist sizes.

What are the advantages of wearing pull-up pants? 100% Breathable, Anti-leakage protection, fast absorption to keep you feeling dry, double anti-leak cuffs, odour control, soft cotton texture and advanced technology to ensure maximum fluid retention. iD Classic Pants have complete skin protection with a top sheet with added Camomile and Vitamin E which reduces the risk of skin irritations. Our product selector tool will help you find a solution that meets your needs and you can also request one of our free samples.

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