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Our Trusted & Affordable Range of Male Incontinence Products Have Got You Covered!

It is common for men to experience incontinence symptoms for a variety of reasons. Incontinence of the bladder can be effectively supported with continence aids designed specifically for men. The Mens iD Pouch & Pants with a new Power Dry Technology is ideal for men who prefer an active lifestyle. Furthermore, the Lille Supreme For Men offers protection for moderate leakage post prostate surgery.

Men can require continence aid for medical reasons, including post Prostate surgery (prostatectomy). However, urinary incontinence is a possible side effect post-surgery, and a discreet pad designed for men can help avoid the uncertainty of light bladder leakage. No matter the reason, there is an ideal and comfortable continence aid available. If you are nervous or feel confused about what men’s product is right for you, our product selector tool will help you find a solution for you or your client’s needs.

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