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Our Trusted & Affordable Range of Women's Incontinence Products Have Got You Covered!

Certain incontinence aids are developed specifically for women. Women of all ages can experience bladder incontinence for several reasons: pregnancy, post-childbirth, menopause, medical conditions, post-surgery, and other lifestyle factors. Whilst incontinence is often seen as a concern for the elderly, this is not true, with research indicating that bladder leakage is often under-reported in young women. Something as simple as laughing or sneezing can bring light bladder pressure which leads to unexpected leakage and is nothing to be ashamed of. Women can now find a selection of advanced continence aids such as pads and briefs to assist with managing mild to heavy urinary incontinence symptoms.

Women’s incontinence pads are different to standard menstrual hygiene pads due to their absorbency technology that can absorb ten times its own weight. The technology works thanks to tiny polymers called super absorbent polymers (SAP) that can convert fluid into a gel, reducing leaks and keeping you dry for longer. Women’s incontinence pads also feature double elastic barriers that prevent leakage and are specifically designed to control urine flow.

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