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Skincare & Incontinence

Skincare & Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can cause irritation to the skin. If you or someone you care for experiences incontinence, see our tips on skincare.

Our skin over the years is weakening and suffering as it changes, which can affect the loss of elasticity and hydration. Over the years, adult skin receives less blood flow, which causes wounds to take a longer time to heal. Therefore, it is vital to take care of every small injury that may arise.

There are also other risk factors that influence the health of mature skin. Those patients bedridden or in wheelchairs, with less freedom of movement can suffer from repetitive injuries in the same parts of the body due to the rubbing of underwear or absorbent aids; hence it is vital to always use the highest quality absorbent products.

Also urine and faeces can cause irritation due to increased skin permeability - all these conditions make the skin of the elderly very delicate and difficult to care for.

The areas of skin that are most affected are around the buttocks, hips, genitals and the area between the pelvis and the rectum. There may appear redness, sores, peeling, ulcers ...

It is very important to follow a cleaning protocol for the treatment of sensitive skin, which carries out the three important steps: cleaning, hydration and protection.

The cleaning should be done with products that leave skin soft and hydrated, using products without alcohol to avoid drying it out.

To protect the skin, zinc oxide creams help to form a barrier that prevents irritation and sores, creating a protective film.

In addition to following a protocol for the treatment of the skin, it is important that after each urination or deposition, we clean the area very well either with wet wipes or gloves. This three-step cleaning routine will help us with the care and general well-being of our patients.

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