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Improve Your Sleep Routine with These Tips

Urinary Incontinence & Your Sleep Routine

When you suffer from urinary incontinence a good night's sleep can be difficult. Follow our tips for a good night's rest.

In general, when you have a shift job it is difficult to establish a healthy sleep routine. The rotating of shifts, the guards, the overtime, and the inability to sleep when you are supposed to do it, and having to do it with daylight or noise prevent our body from resting as it should. But in addition to all, if you are a nurse or caregiver, the task is much more complicated. It is just a challenge.

Health professionals struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work and their personal lives, and that includes having an adequate amount and quality of sleep and rest. Sleeping becomes a priority, especially when other people's lives are in their hands.

These are some of the tips you can follow if you find yourself in this situation:

1. Establish a frequent schedule: try to go to sleep and wake up always at the same time, although there may be days that you cannot accomplish the schedule due to shifts or guards.

2. Sleep strategic naps: naps less than 20 minutes are incredibly restorative and many of the hospitals allow their staff to benefit from them during long shifts.

3. Do not drink caffeine during the night: try to limit your intake to daytime hours to establish an adequate sleep pattern.

4. Take advantage of the sunny hours: although what you most want is to sleep after a night shift, the daylight makes your biological clock work correctly. Go out even if it's for a couple of hours.

5. Try to sleep in one breath: if you have no choice but to sleep during the day, try to do it right. Warn your family that you are going to rest so they do not bother you during certain hours, turn off your phone and concentrate on resting those hours.

With these tips you should establish a routine and have a much healthier rest. Take care of you to take care of others!


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