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Disconnect from Work on your Days Off

Disconnect from Work on your Days Off

If you are a healthcare professional or carer then it can be difficult to disconnect on your days off. Here are some tips to help you unwind.

All of us have stressful days, some days worse than others. We think that the day is never going to end, constantly watching the clock. The worst of those days is as we get home it is very difficult to disconnect from the day, especially if the stressful situations are constant and we don’t have periods of disconnection. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to disconnect from work on your days off.

Many times we believe that doing nothing is the best thing to disconnect from our daily routine. However, it is not always the best thing to do because inevitably, we tend to turn our tasks around, so we must learn to manage our time and relax. These are some tips to help you cope with your day to day life.

Try to make time for yourself
It is important that after a day of dedication to others you search for a space in your agenda just for you. Go for a massage, read a book or take a walk. We know that sometimes it is very complicated because after work we usually have family obligations but take advantage of this. Go to the park with your children, go out to dinner, or even a good conversation will help you.

Do exercise
If you manage to take time out of your day-to-day activities, you can join the gym. Pilates, yoga or any other activity such as dance classes are great. Exercise always helps you sleep better, and you may make friends with whom to chat about your routine having a coffee when you finish.

Find a hobby
Painting, DIY or even adult colouring books can help you achieve that much-needed relaxation. The concentration required by this type of activity and the use of your senses will prevent you from thinking about the job or what the next day will bring.

Go out for a drink

Going out to drink with friends is always liberating. They will help you listening to you if you have had a bad day and they can also make you completely forget about your problems.

Releases endorphins

Endorphins are responsible for causing us to feel pleasure and relieve stress. A very original way to release yourself is Laughter Therapy, which besides being very fun and will provide you wellbeing from the first laugh.

Sleep well
Your mind and your body need to recover from a long and intense day and the best way to achieve is with a good rest. A shower before bed or a relaxing bath will surely help you fall asleep.
In short, you should try to do activities that break your routine. You must bear in mind that your work requires a lot of physical and mental involvement and you need to learn to take a break. Thank you for helping us to care!

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