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Bladder Weakness in Daily Life

Tips to Look, Feel, and Be Your Best

Do you have light-to-moderate bladder weakness? You are one among the millions of people learning to deal with bladder weakness in daily life.

Do you have light-to-moderate bladder weakness? Do your clothes suddenly feel too snug or too revealing? Does going for a jog make you more anxious than excited? Are you suddenly less-than-thrilled at the thought of going out with your friends and family? No worries – you’re not going crazy. You are one among the millions of people learning to deal with bladder weakness in daily life. Read on for the latest life hacks for getting dressed, going out, and managing your bladder weakness as discreetly as possible.

Get Comfy

• Stay away from tight jeans, as well as low-rise trousers. Low-rise pants put pressure on the bladder, which can make urges worse and more frequent. Furthermore, a 2012 survey suggests that the long-term wear of tight jeans can exacerbate or lead to bladder weakness . On your quest to conquer bladder weakness, look for clothing that gives your bladder more room to breathe.
• Look for high-rise leggings and trousers. High-waisted bottoms support the pelvic floor muscles and compress the abdomen, which may actually reduce urges in people with bladder weakness . High-rise trousers also put less pressure on the bladder, which makes them an excellent choice overall.
• Consider adaptive clothing, especially if you have other special needs. As the name suggests, adaptive clothing adapts to the wearer’s needs . For individuals with bladder weakness, brands like Tommy Hilfiger and 4Ward Clothing make comfortable, stylish pants designed for stress-free dressing and easy removal.

Get Sneaky

• Choose products that look and feel like normal underwear. Whether you use pads or absorbent underwear for bladder weakness, products that blend seamlessly with your underwear will always prevail. Try iD Light or iD for Men for discreet protection against minor leaks. If you have heavier bladder weakness, or if you prefer using absorbent underwear, look to iD Pants a perfect combination of cotton-like comfortable feel and maximum absorbency power.
• Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. Dark patterns help camouflage the outline of pads and absorbent underwear, as well as conceal stains in the event of leaks . Loose-fitting clothing puts less pressure on the bladder, which in turn reduces urges and leaks. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with some wide-legged slacks, and you certainly can’t go wrong with a little black dress.
• Have a special place to keep your incontinence pads. Transporting bladder weakness products can be a challenge, especially if you are not used to carrying a bag or purse. Makeup bags and pencil pouches are inexpensive fixes for concealing pads, while a designated pocket in a purse, messenger bag, or cross-body bag works to keep absorbent underwear from view.

Get Active

• Take part in bladder-friendly exercise. Cycling lifts the chest, making for a cardio workout that keeps pressure off the bladder. Swimming and yoga also reduce bladder pressure by lengthening the spine . Yoga has shown to have lasting benefits, as well: a 2018 survey suggests that yoga may reduce bladder weakness symptoms over time .
• Practice pelvic floor exercises. When done regularly, pelvic floor exercises reduce urges and leaks, as well as increase endurance in higher-impact exercises. You can do Kegels – one of the most popular remedies for bladder weakness –wherever you go!
• Steadily increase the amount of high-impact exercise in your workout routine. While high-impact exercise becomes more difficult with bladder weakness, it certainly isn’t impossible. Practice breath training to get back in the swing of weightlifting or use Nordic walking to ease into running.

Handling bladder weakness takes time, especially in day-to-day activities. At iD, we work tirelessly to help you adjust as smoothly as possible. Check out our product range to find affordable, discreet solutions that will help you look, feel and perform your best. Unsure of what works best for you? Check out this article and use our product finder to find your perfect match!

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