• Kylie Bedding and Washable Protection Technology

      Our research and design team have formulated a fibre composition that is unique to the Kylie brand across the Ultra Absorbent Bedding and Washable Protection range. The advanced technology is built on a ‘ three layer active system ’ that individually performs to ensure the user stays dry and comfortable. For this reason we are recommended by many Health Care Professionals as a preferred choice in bedding and washable protection for all people.

      • Layer 1

        Soft-Blue Quilt Layer
        Technology : A non-pilling specially knitted 100% polyester ‘stay dry’ fabric, allows fluid to quickly penetrate into the next layer. Designed to stop fluid returning to surface when under pressure. Otherwise known as wick-back.

      • Layer 2

        Holding Tank
        Technology : A unique blend of felt fibres (we call it the Holding Tank ) carries the fluid from the top blue knit layer and spreads it evenly throughout the product and helps keep you dry and comfortable.

      • Layer 3

        Waterproof Layer
        Technology : A white polyester and waterproofing material is stitched to the underside of the holding tank. This reduces fibre loss during wash cycles, therefore enhancing the life of the Kylie.

    • Performance Test Approved

      Designed in Australia and manufactured with quality first standards, the high absorbency and soft touch quilting to allow fluid to more easily pass through to the fibre construction. With superior washability and durability, the range performance is tested by the Australian Wool Testing Authorities (AWTA).

      AWTA Product Testing is an independent materials testing facility.