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Our research and design team have formulated a fibre composition that is unique to the Kylie brand across the Ultra Absorbent Bedding and Washable Protection range. The advanced technology is built on a multi-layer active system that individually performs to ensure the user stays dry and comfortable.
We are recommended by many Health Care Professionals as a preferred choice in bedding and washable protection for all people. Our products are well known to professionals who call them “KYLIES”.

Layer 1 - Top Soft-Blue Quilt Layer
A non-pilling specially knitted polyester fleece which allows fluid to quickly penetrate into the next layer. Designed to stop fluid returning to surface when under pressure - otherwise known as wick-back.​

Layer 2 – Breathable Layer​
Breathable polyester layer to provide fast absorption to the holding tank layer.

Layer 3 - Holding Tank​
Inner felt super soaker core “holding tank” for locking and absorbing fluids. This technology helps to spread the liquid evenly throughout the pad keeping you dry for a good nights sleep. ​​

Layer 4 - Waterproof Layer – Triple Protection ​
Durable polymer to prevent leakage and provide triple layer protection. Our premium products have the added benefit of an anti-fungal, anti-mould and fire-retardant treatment.​

Layer 5 – Backing Layer​
PVC backing which has Terry Knit face providing a non-slip surface to help prevent movement throughout the night.

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