• Where to purchase products

      The iD, Lille Healthcare disposable and Kylie washable ranges are conveniently accessible online and through our preferred distributors located nationwide.

    • Lille Premium Disposable Pads

      Our Lille range of disposable products incorporate the Lille Air System technology. This technology features a waterproof 100% breathable textile back sheet that enables the air to flow, maximising skin integrity.


    • Kylie Bedding Products

      KylieTM, Australia’s trusted absorbent washable bedding product range, has been helping Australians manage incontinence with confidence and comfort for many years. A lot of care and attention goes into ensuring the KylieTM washable bedding protection range continues to live up to its well-earned reputation among healthcare professionals.


    • iD Premium Disposable Pads

      Our iD range offers a vast assortment of disposable pads suitable to all types and levels of incontinence. With a large range of absorbencies and sizes available, the products offer both comfort and discretion.


    • Distribution

      Our iD, Lille and Kylie products are also available through our national distribution and medical shop front. We would recommend that you contact a distributor in your area and discuss with them the possibility of purchasing the product that you require.

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