Product Range

    • Lille offers a comprehensive range of disposable products suitable to manage all types and levels of incontinence. Our technologically advanced products are 100% breathable and hypoallergenic, ensuring optimum comfort, security and discretion.

      • Suprem Form

        Ultra absorbent disposable large shaped continence pad for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

        The Suprem Form large shaped continence pad is ideal for managing moderate to heavy incontinence. These products provide high levels of absorption and anti leakage protection ensuring that you stay dry. Suitable for male and females, this continence pad is comfortable and highly absorbent and can be worn with Ganmill Fix or Ganmill Panty.

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      • Suprem Fit

        Ultra absorbent disposable all-in-one briefs for moderate to severe urinary incontinence.

        Offering an effective solution for moderate to heavy incontinence, the disposable briefs have high absorption levels, anti leakage protection and optimal comfort. The Suprem Fit is recommended for male and females with limited mobility who are confined to bed. Available in a disposable bariatric size.

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      • Classic Pad

        Disposable insert suitable for light to moderate urinary and faecal incontinence.

        Ideal for male and females, the insert can be used as a booster aid in conjunction with Suprem Fit all-in-ones, Suprem Form and Suprem Pants pull-up pants to reinforce the level of absorption. Suitable for faecal incontinence.

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      • Classic Bed Pads

        Disposable absorbent bed pad for urinary incontinence.

        Designed to provide a high level of protection and softness, the diamond structured distribution of pulp maximises the diffusion of liquid. The Classic Bed pads offer the perfect solution for protecting mattresses and furniture.

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      • Ganmill Fix Mesh Pants

        Elasticated mesh pants for use with disposable continence pads.

        The Ganmill Range of disposable mesh pants is designed to hold the pad closely against the body ensuring optimum performance of the pad. The product structure guarantees optimal anti leakage security, allowing more freedom for movement while also minimising the risk of skin irritation. Ideal for males and females, the stretch net pants are designed for a maximum comfort and quality fit.

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      • Suprem Care Tenderskins


        Tenderskin® Full Body Bath is a complete bathing system in a bag, that may be used at room temperature or warmed for comfort. The eight soft pre-moistened cloths contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to cleanse, moisturise and protect the skin. Tenderskin® Premium Body Bath contain mild surfactants that help improve skin integrity as they clean, reducing the risk of infection.

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      • Suprem Care Wet Wipes

        Wet Wipes.

        Suprem Care Wet Wipes offer a gentle alternative for cleansing the skin. Appropriate for use on all people including those with frail skin and allergies. These innovative wipes dispense out of the packet quickly and easily to facilitate improved care in any clinical or home environment.

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