• Waterproof Bedding Protection

        The KylieTM Waterproof Bedding Protection range has been developed using a soft, durable waterproof material that’s specifically treated with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent to prevent odours and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

        These washable bed pads provide comfort and Protection. Suitable for home use and in aged care and hospital environments.

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    • Available Sizes

      Kylie Code Description Size
      8357002 Kylie Pillow Cover – Rustle Free 69cm x 48cm
      8357003 Kylie Fitted Mattress Cover Single 188cm x 92cm x 20cm
      8357004 Kylie Fitted Mattress Cover Double 188cm x 140cm x 20cm
      8357006 Kylie Fitted Mattress Cover King Single 202cm x 104.5cm x 20cm
      8357007 Kylie Fitted Mattress Cover Queen 204cm x 53cm x 20cm
      8357013 Kylie Draw Sheet Double – Non-fitted 152cm x 140cm
      8357014 Kylie Draw Sheet Single – Non-fitted 152cm x 90cm
      8357015 Kylie Draw Mac – Waterproof backing with tuck ins 1m x 1m