• Washable Protection

        The KylieTM Ultra Absorbent Washable Protection range is durable, washable and  manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced technology. The soft, quilted non-pilling surface allows fluid to more easily pass through to the revolutionary fibre, developed for superior absorption.

        You’ll always feel secure, dry and most important of all, comfortable with this range of waterproof chair pads. Ideal for Furniture and Travel Use.

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    • Available Sizes

      Kylie Code Description Size Absorbency ISO/Total
      8356202 Kylie Chair Pad – waterproof backing 61cm x 51cm 1000 ml
      8356112 Kylie Utility Pads – non-slip waterproof backing 58cm x 85cm 1800 ml
      8356113 Kylie Utility Pads – non-slip waterproof backing 85cm x 90cm 2200 ml